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Art, Loft, Friends was created to be a safe and welcoming place for all artists and creatives in the Salt Lake City area. We wanted to offer a place where creative individuals can visit, drawing, painting, and creating on their own or by taking art classes. 

We are inclusive and welcome everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or artistic ability! This is a place to learn and love, make new friends, and flourish in your creativity and self-expression.

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Utah native Lori Clark is a visual artist who has used her painting skills and design expertise to transform hundreds of homes in the state. After attending Olympus High School and Dixie College, she made her first foray into entrepreneurship when she started Dial-A-Made, a home cleaning service. As she cleaned, she would notice badly arranged furniture, or walls in need of paint and would recommend changes to her clients. Happy with the results, these cleaning clients started to become designer clients and her life as a designer began. She launched her jewelry design business in 1982, opening a retail store in Sugarhouse and selling her jewelry to department stores nationwide. After having her two sons, she returned to home design, offering everything from color consultations to full home remodels. Lorin won the NEC Top Designer award three years running (2014-2016) at home shows in SLC and California before becoming a judge for the competition. Beyond her art and business, Lori is most passionate about her work as a helper. She has  always used her talents to help those in need, to galvanize others to give of themselves, and to make peoples’ lives better when she is able. Accordingly, she became involved with OneWish in 2019. Lori opened ALF (Art Loft Friends) where people would be able to learn and make a variety of arts and crafts, including painting, sculpting, refinishing, home design, upholstery, and more.

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DJ is primarily responsible for organizing ALF’s internal business affairs, scheduling client meetings, and marketing finished products for online retail. Born in Alabama, DJ initially relocated to Utah for school and quickly found her passion for art. You’ll recognize DJ by her ever-growing collection of tattoos, her commitment to black t-shirts, and her warm smile. DJ is working towards becoming a full-time business associate at ALF.



Nathan is a true artist at heart and in practice. Born and raised in Holladay, Utah, Nathan (Nate to his friends) has a passion for all things “fire,” from high fashion to unique home design. Nate’s preferred style for his own work is pop and abstract art, and he is responsible for much of the interior design at ALF, including those cool, cartoon face murals. A skilled seamster, you will recognizer Nate by his perfectly fitting jeans and vintage t-shirts. He hopes to eventually work in fashion design.



Born and raised here in Holladay, Utah, Walker attended local schools and graduated from Olympus High School in 2015. After graduation, Walker decided to develop his construction and remodeling trade skills, working as a painter, carpenter, dry-waller - you name it, he can do it. Walker now specializes in wood working and residential painting. He hopes to continue his apprenticeships and ultimately work as a designer and custom wood-worker.



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